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We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with the SpotAngels team to achieve a common goal. Please visit them at www.spotangels.com

Target #1: NYC and its 5 boroughs. We created a database for our mobile application and now have the most comprehensive and organized data of NYC street signs and parking regulation.

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What does StreetPark do?
StreetPark solves a problem people encounter every day in every city across the world. StreetPark will let users know, in an easy and convenient way, where to find legal parking spots in major cities by the touch of a screen. It lets users know what time they can start parking, when their meter will expire, and when the regulations change making their spot no longer valid. It also details what areas are metered parking, how much parking is per hour, and what areas are commercial parking only.
How does it work?
Users will see a map on their phone showing their active location. Instead of sidewalks on the left and right of the streets, there are color coded lines representing parking regulations. Red symbolizes no parking, green is free parking, blue is metered parking, and yellow stands for parking that will be available soon. Users can search for a parking location using an address, point of interest, or cross street prior to arriving at their desired location. StreetPark is built using Apple/Google Maps API.
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